Schumer is too scared to debate Alex Merced

As you’ve probably heard, Time Warner Cable and Union College are scheduling a debate between Wendy Long and Chuck Schumer on October 30th and has arbitrarily excluded me. We want …

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Jobs Policy Proposal: The America Corporation

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3 Reasons Non-Libertarians should vote Alex Merced over Chuck Schumer

While I am the Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate here in New York, it doesn’t mean you have to embrace absolutely every libertarian position to think it’s worth having …

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NY Senate Race: 3 Issues where Alex Merced is Right and Schumer is Wrong.

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Defeat Schumer – $20 to make history fund drive!

We have been making history throughout this campaign. How do we do it? By very smart digital outreach, traveling the state strategically, and with a lot of heart. As momentum …

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Alex Merced is a libertarian activist currently based out of Brooklyn, New York. He aims to focus on spreading a message of liberty that focuses not on the faults of government but the power of individuals to solve problems without the sluggish and flawed nature of the bureaucracy of centralized governance.

To sum up the values of Alex Merced:

  • Promoting Tolerance of Individuals’ Economic and Social Choices

  • Protecting Individuals’ rights to their justly acquired property

  • Promoting the benefits of decentralized governance and community/voluntary problem solving

  • Promoting a Peace Based foreign policy centered around Trade and Diplomacy, not an isolationist policy based on war and bribery



Alex Merced was born in Hartford, CT in 1985. His mother an immigrant from Guatemala and his father from Puerto Rico. His parents split shortly after giving birth to his little brother.  Raising her two children in poverty, Alex’s Mom worked multiple jobs to keep food on the table while going to school so that one day she could provide her children with a better life. The struggles of his mom were a constant reminder to Alex of the importance of hard work and family. As time went on she graduated, got a job, and eventually bought a house in the suburbs (a true example of the American Dream).

During his childhood, Alex would stay up late on Friday nights to see 20/20 and always found John Stossel’s segments particularly thought provoking, but he didn’t yet understand why. For High School he attended Howell Cheney Technical Vocational School where he read the book Anthem by Ayn Rand, which Alex found compelling and always held in the back of his mind as it sparked a deep value for individuality.

Alex Merced then went to conduct his undergraduate study in Bowling Green State University in Ohio where his passion for music was satiated with involvement in the local college radio station (WBGUFM 88.1FM). He studied Sociology and Anthropology concepts in the school’s Popular Culture Studies program. During his time in Bowling Green Alex Merced would spend time as a Concert Promoter and the owner of a Hobby Gaming Store called The Gamers’ Lounge.

During a trip to Manila in between semesters, Alex Merced caught the Fox Business News Debate with the infamous confrontation between Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul. This would spark a period of reflection and self-education that would unleash the libertarian perspective that Alex had, but never understood until then.

After graduation, Alex moved in with his Dad in Long Island in hopes of making it in the City of New York. He first found a marketing internship with fashion titans at Shane&Shawn where Alex made many of his most lasting New York friendships. Later, he spent a brief stint at a Broker Dealer and found his long time home training people in the finance industry as part of the Greico Financial Training team.

During this time, Alex also met the love of his life, Becky, whom he would later marry.

In 2013 Mr. Merced ran for NYC Public Advocate with the Libertarian Party, getting a respectable 10,400 votes.

Alex Merced is currently the Web Chair of the Brooklyn Libertarian Party and Co-Media Chair of the Manhattan Libertarian Party. Also this year, Alex started a new Social Media/Marketing consulting company, Merliva LLC.


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